Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

The descriptive section in SPSS obtains a quick summary of the numeric data present in our data set. Through descriptive analysis, we can get the basic output of statistics as a minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, and number of respondents in ..Read More

Creating Data in Excel

The primary data can be created in an excel sheet based on the prepared questionnaire. When we are set to create data in excel it is important to look at the questionnaire and the objectives are given. The data can be created based on random sampling ..Read More

Frequency Analysis

Frequency analysis is one of the main characteristics of data analysis. It projects the percentage of respondents who opted for a particular option in frequency and percentage form. The frequency table can also infuse a graphical representation of th ..Read More


Introduction MANCOVA is a similar test to the ANCOVA test which is present in SPSS, where ANCOVA deals with one dependent variable but MANCOVA deals with more than one dependent variable, along with a covariate variable. Where the covariate variab ..Read More