Reliability Test

To proceed with the data analysis tests, it is important to check the internal consistency of the data created or given. Therefore, reliability tests take place on Likert scale data in the questionnaire. It helps in determining the relativity of the ..Read More

Worried about using SPSS to perform nonlinear canonical correlation analysis? Then this blog might help you

Back in the days when I was a researcher, I found it very hard to perform nonlinear canonical correlation analysis using SPSS. The main reason was the lack of knowledge about that software. But, as soon as I started to find out more about that softwa ..Read More

Piloting the Questionnaire

It’s always suggested to test the work you do before submitting it, that’s why the concept of piloting came. If I have to give a piece of advice regarding the questionnaire to a PhD scholar, then I would say, “do more piloting&rdquo ..Read More

Forecasting Quantitative Time Series using statistical methods

Forecasting , or predicting is a vital tool in any decision making process. It uses vary from determining inventory requirements for local shop to estimating the annual sales of TV. The quality of forecasts management can be strongly related to the i ..Read More