Normality test in SPSS

The normality of data can be checked in SPSS. Normality check on the data given or created is important as it plays a core role in carrying out further statistical tests. In the SPSS software, we can test the normality of the data in the descriptive ..Read More

Importing data in SPSS

To apply any kind of quantitative analysis in SPSS, it is important to import the data into the SPSS software. We can import data files based on the mentioned type of data file we have into the SPSS software. All types of data files can be imported i ..Read More

Modifying data for reliability test

When our internal consistency is low i.e., lower than 0.8 level of Cronbach value, it may affect our further analysis. Therefore, it is important to modify the data when a reliability test has been applied. Modifying the data to test reliability test ..Read More

Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

The descriptive section in SPSS obtains a quick summary of the numeric data present in our data set. Through descriptive analysis, we can get the basic output of statistics as a minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, and number of respondents in ..Read More