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Data Analysis using STATA

A research thesis is incomplete without a well written chapter of data analysis to validate your research for future prospects. A well designed data analysis chapter primarily depends upon the accuracy of data analyzed and the clarity of depicting how the data analysis performed, and its outcomes. Data analysts at PhD Statistics are well equipped with the experience of performing the data analysis help using STATA, SPSS, SAS, R Stats, AMOS etc. for both quantitative and qualitative research.

?With expert statisticians, you don’t need to fear from data analysis for thesis instead gain confidence on the accurate results produced from efficient data analysis. Whether your advisor has recommended to do data analysis help using STATA or SPSS, we have experts who have got their expert hands on each STATA, SPSS and other statistical package. We have been distinguished among our competitors for the quality assured services that we deliver to our clients. We hold responsibility for not only producing the reliable results with performing data analysis but also demonstrate the student on how the analysis is conducted so that he is acknowledged with the every know how of the data analysis.

Under Data Analysis Service, our statisticians will:
  • Review your research and data collected
  • Suggest you the apt statistical tool for data analysis
  • Perform data analysis using STATA, SPSS or SAS etc.
  • Interpret the data and sources
  • Develop conclusion and recommendations

We always ensure that your data analysis chapter must document how the research data is collected, its approach, tools, conclusion and recommendations you want to propose. For more information, reach us or write an email to us at contact@phdstatistics.com.

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I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues and peers. The prices charged are reasonable, and I get guarantee for 100% accuracy. What else would you want?

Mohd. Kasim

The consultant with whom I was working had expertise in using SAS. He explained the interface and commands, and I was prepared to solve the problems on my own.

Ankur Mishra


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