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Analysis of Data using SPSS
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Thesis Data Collection Service

Whenever a PhD student is stuck at the stage of data collection, our experts are always favoured with employment. Research data is collected and are kept as evidence of the facts discovered through the research conducted and thus there lies the need for a proper establishment of context and data interpretation in a thesis. We at PhD statistics offer thesis data collection service to the research students with their research methodology, analysis, and interpretation of the data which is directly dependent on each other. Under our data collection service, it is ensured that the data is collected by keeping in mind that:

  • Your research questions are precisely answered
  • Research resources must not be destroyed or misused
  • Your experiment is distinguished from others
  • Your research findings are beneficial and relevant to your hypothesis

Depending upon your type of research, we generate the data using different methods and thus falls under different categories. Such categories include observational data, experimental, simulation, derived or compiled, canonical or reference data. Based on your research, one of our professionals will perform all the research activities involved in data collection process. Under our Thesis Data Collection Services, our experts are responsible for the following during the data collection process for your thesis:

  • Research question development
  • Selecting the research methodology
  • Complete assistance in questionnaire designing, focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc.

At PhD Statistics, expert PhD, statisticians help you to collect, organize and analyze the data without any error; manual or technical. If you are unable to preserve the integrity of your research just because of poorly collected data, give us the opportunity first to establish the integrity and then preserving it through the accurate usage of technology and the research skills. Since data collection process takes a long time, our turnaround

time depends on the requirements of your research accordingly. You are requested to share the details of your research with us at contact@phdstatistics.com. on priority.

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I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues and peers. The prices charged are reasonable, and I get guarantee for 100% accuracy. What else would you want?

Mohd. Kasim

The consultant with whom I was working had expertise in using SAS. He explained the interface and commands, and I was prepared to solve the problems on my own.

Ankur Mishra


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