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Research Design
Price in US$ Price in Rupees
600 36000
Questionnaire Design
Price in US$ Price in Rupees
200 12000
Research Methodology Consulting
Price in US$ Price in Rupees
300 18000
Analysis of Data using SPSS
Price in US$ Price in Rupees
500 30000
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Our Team

We understand that it is not easy or everyone’s cup of tea to handle a variety of statistical problems in a swift and smooth manner, especially when one is involved in a PhD study and tackling multiple research tasks simultaneously. There are a number of complexities in research design, data collection, statistical analysis, and data interpretation that all need to be handled with expertise. A high level of proficiency is needed for collecting meaningful data, selecting suitable tools, and analyzing data with precision.

To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services, we have brought on board four statisticians who have the requisite skills. They can handle large data sets, and they have worked extensively on data mining, time series analysis, etc. We have chosen statisticians who have:

  • Attained PhD in statistics from reputed universities
  • The knowhow of the tools used in statistical analysis, and can use a number of tests and special software that you may need
  • Worked on projects from varied fields like biostatistics, life sciences, management, and engineering
  • Adequate patience and interactive skills to explain each step of the analysis to scholars in detail so that they may learn about the same
  • The ability to solve complex problems quickly and deliver the results on time

Because of all these qualities, our team is able to fulfill all the statistical and analytical requirements of scholars and is able to guarantee 100% accurate results each time. We are in the process of expansion and will soon have many such statistical mentors as our team members.

To reach out to our statisticians, you may send an email at contact@phdstatistics.com. Our enthusiastic professionals are always eager to assist you timely with all your regular and urgent requirements. If you have some specific software usage needs for your project, then mention them in your message to us.

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I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues and peers. The prices charged are reasonable, and I get guarantee for 100% accuracy. What else would you want?

Mohd. Kasim

The consultant with whom I was working had expertise in using SAS. He explained the interface and commands, and I was prepared to solve the problems on my own.

Ankur Mishra


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