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Whether you have to set your research methodology or create a data collection tool, it is important to know the nuances of statistics so you may develop the required in a correct manner. Without understanding at least the basics of statistical testing, it is also not possible to conduct an accurate analysis and interpretation of your research data. Thus, it is actually not easy to complete your PhD thesis without being effective at statistics.

Keeping in mind the vast scope of statistical analysis in research, we offer a number of statistics analysis services for PhD research. All our statistical analysis services are aimed making the process of thesis preparation easier for scholars. Within the range of our services, we include quantitative and qualitative analyses, descriptive and inferential analyses, and parametric and non-parametric tests. Here are the details of the services we provide:

  • Research Design: We start by preparing a sound design for your research study. This includes the selection and justification of the methodology that you will follow in your work. Then, we identify and work on other factors like data requirements, sources, and methods for data collection, suitable sample size, and data analysis tools. Our aim is always to provide a research design that smoothly leads you to explain your study problem and hypotheses aptly.
  • Questionnaire Design: In order to collect appropriate data, you will need to prepare a questionnaire that is precise, properly targeted, and simple. We frame relevant questions, keeping in mind your target audience and the nature of your research. We design structured, as well as semi-structured questionnaires for your qualitative and quantitative studies.
  • Sample Size Identification: Having a correct sample size is also a challenge for many candidates. We study the population that you are covering and identify the sample size that can lead to right results. While case studies may even have an individual as the sample, most studies have large sample sizes, ranging from 30 to 300 participants or respondents. Our statisticians employ different research sampling techniques to arrive at an optimal sample size for your study.
  • Pilot Testing: For many studies, it is necessary to do a pilot study before going ahead with the actual analysis. We do this to ensure that the parameters chosen are correct and the variables are valid.
  • Analysis of Data: For the analysis of data, we first select relevant statistical tools and techniques to be used. Then, we prepare the required models, tables, and graphs, while analyzing the data and arriving at the results. We also use some apt software for data analysis or choose it according to the specification of your academic institution.
  • Interpretation of Results: Our package also includes the interpretation of results in a simplified manner. The results are presented on a Word file, as it is difficult to understand them in the software that is used. We also connect the results with the research hypothesis to see whether they support it or not. Our data interpretation revolves around your study problem and gives it the right context for explanation.

The best part is that all these services are interactive, and we offer complete guidance to scholars for understanding the work done by our team. Moreover, scholars have the option to avail these services as a package or separately.

To hire our statistician or place an order for the service package or for any one of our services, please click here to contact our team now. You may also send us an email at contact@phdstatistics.com. We will get back to you within an hour with a customized quote.

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I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues and peers. The prices charged are reasonable, and I get guarantee for 100% accuracy. What else would you want?

Mohd. Kasim

The consultant with whom I was working had expertise in using SAS. He explained the interface and commands, and I was prepared to solve the problems on my own.

Ankur Mishra


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