Questionnaire Designing

Design a research mechanism to test and prove hypotheses which works

We all know that data collection is the mainstay of research. A valuable questionnaire design aids in acquiring accurate data. Framing the right set of questions could be wearying for anyone. We ease your way into collecting appropriate data and analysing it by creating the exact required questionnaire for you. Our questionnaires comprise:

Target respondents
Personal interviews
Consistent flow
Envisage analysis
Clear format
Color coded

Divergent approach

We create formats to adhere to both qualitative and quantitative approaches of study. Open ended and close ended formats are developed adapting to the objective and methodology of your study.

Scaling and testing

We test through yes or no questions, a 5 or 7 Likert scale or rank analysing questions. Respondents are ranked through their behaviour in situations. Cronbach’s alpha tests the score of reliability.

Value evaluation

Our expert panel conducts field test calculating face validity, correlation coefficient between questions and variable outcomes. We perform Principal Components Analysis(PCA) and pilot survey teststest on data obtained.

Framework consultation

We develop a fresh questionnaire considering all aspects of standardisation. Our consultants get the right criteria agreeing with your conceptual modules. Existing and published models are also tuned to your objective.