Statistical Analysis Softwares

Explore Our Range of Statistical Analysis Softwares

Whether you are doing qualitative or quantitative research, it becomes critical to use the right software in order to conduct your data analysis. By choosing to work with PhD Statistics, you can be rest assured that only the latest versions of statistical analysis softwares will be used for data analysis.

We have expertise in using a number of tools that are selected as per the nature of your project. Our strength lies in working with large data banks and arriving at results quickly.

Statistical Analysis Softwares

Types of Software We Use

Here is a look at the types of statistical analysis software used for statistical analysis by us:

  • The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is the most popular software used for statistics analysis. It has a simple interface and a variety of tests to be applied.

  • The Statistical Analysis System (SAS) specializes in advanced analytics, & it is used widely for predictive analysis, data mining and management, & business intelligence.

  • Named by combining the words Statistics and Data, STATA is such general-purpose software that imports data different formats, but can only open one data set at a time.

  • It is a program dedicated to conducting Structured Equation Modelling (SEM). The building of behavioral models, which display the relationships between variables, is something that can be done effectively with AMOS.

  • Econometric Views or EViews is a statistical package focused on econometric analysis. The time series analysis and economic forecasting are major functions handled by EViews.

  • NVivo is useful when you have research data collected through interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, web pages, and social media and recorded conversations.

  • Minitab helps organisations and researchers to detect trends, solve queries and identify relevant insights in data by performing a complete and best-in-class suite of statistical analysis and machine learning techniques and process improvement tools. Merged with unmatched Read More

  • R has found most if its usage in the field of academics and research. It is an open source technique, because of which the latest techniques get released far more quickly. There are sufficient tutorials theatre available online for the same, and it is a very cost effective option.

  • Over the years, the use of python has grown significantly. At present it offers functions for almost all statistical operations that one may want to perform. Today it depicts extreme strength in operations and structured data.